Thursday, June 29, 2006


ARNIE gets studding, and goes up...

So the string idea got binned. And now ARNIE (mk 2) falls in line with Vik and Forrest's creations... the z-bed is now powered with a studding transmission!

It's a retro fit to mk 1, and so hideously bulky, but very repeatable and reliable. It's a good proof of principle for this arrangement before we move on to Mk 3 which now will certainly use studding for the verticle tranmission.

String's still in the wings for ARNIE's x&y because of its potential speed (compared to screw threads). Hopefully that'll put the rapid into RP.

Looks good, Ed! Elegant can come later. WORKS is what counts for now. :-D
I get the feeling it should be able to walk or something :)

GOod one, Ed.

Vik :v)
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