Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Refill of the syringe

One final thing, removal and refill of the support material from the piping. A very simple method.

The plumbing pipe is fixed into a carriage, and held in place with two plastic rectangular traps (which go into the two holes seen in the side of the body). The whole mechanism is allowed to swing away from the body, enabling the plunger to be removed from the piping and the piping contents (i.e. support material in the form of Polyfiller) to be replaced or refilled quickly.

Then the mechanism is placed back into the carriage, which is locked up and the two traps slid back in place. All done in under a minute.

Not fair! You should have to use AoI for your solids modeling. LOL! :-D

Seriously, great stuff James!
Very nice....
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