Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The Plan...

I bought the parts to do the cable motion transfer system for Godzilla. Here are some quick sketches of how it will work.

Y-AXIS (vertical)

The y-axis (vertical) cabling is a very standard parallel bar pulley and cable arrangement that you used to see on drafting tables.

The parallel bar in this case is the x-axis (horizontal). This arrangement will be done on both sides of the x-axis beam, front and back.

The vertical cable paths will lie on the same line as the y-axis threaded drive shaft that will move the x-axis beam up and down.

Z-AXIS (horizontal)

The z-axis layout is slightly more complicated, but not greatly.

Cable moves from the left z-axis assembly to the right across the top (back) of Godzilla. I've not shown a turnbuckle and spring in this one that I'll be including. The two inner cable tracks with the upward pointing arrows will be attached to the centre-line of the y-axis towers.

Motive power is supplied by the Frankenmotors driving threaded rods on the left hand side of both sketches. It should work. I've got the parts and should know in a few hours, though I may be a bit short of cable and have to do the y-axis towers in the morning, :-)

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