Thursday, May 18, 2006


Helical gears back on again

It turns out that if you increase the number of segments in an ArtOfIllusion extrusion dialogue, the helical effect comes back into play when you're extruding Forrest's involute gear profiles. Here's a shot of one in action:

So, no changes needed by the AoI guys after all - and we should be able to RepRap liquorice sticks :)

Vik :v)

How very strange! Cool! :-D
Beautiful. Now you have the makings of a linear-to-rotary converter. Slide a fixed "saddle" along the rod to make it rotate.
There's a weird thing that happens when you pull a twisted long gear across the z = 0 plane. I'm seeing a slight mismatch between the parts of the extrusion on either side of z=0. Does anybody else see that?
Looks very tasty...
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