Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Attempt at extrusion over 3D axis #1

Last night saw my first serious attempt to lay down an extrusion on the 3D axis. In the end, I didn't extrude anything but nothing earth-shattering got in the way.

Serial comms under Java is not friendly, and we've managed to commit a configuration file to CVS, so every time I do an update I get someone else's reprap.properties and javax.comms config files. That's gonna have to change. My serial ports didn't support the FLOW_CONTROL property, so I've fixed the resulting exception. Not sure how this is going to affect operation because the flow control still needs disabling. Currently I do it manually.

My horrible connectors gave problems again, though I'm getting good at sorting them out and we've been discussing a standard replacement.

The temporary overrides (220R resistors bunged in the sockets) on the end-stop detectors worked loose again. I've now put them on square pin headers and this seems to be much more reliable.

I forgot I'd broken my 12V track on the extruder for debugging. Proudly putting the Duh in duvelopment. Works now.

Finally, the eyelids started to cause the matchstick props to bend alarmingly as they forced themselves closed, and I went to bed. Not what you'd call a rampantly successful evening, but it's definitely set me up for tonight's work. It was more interesting that watching "House" anyway...

Vik :v)

I fear we're well into the last 5% of the project that takes 95% of the time. :-s
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