Thursday, May 11, 2006


Attempt #4: Gentlefolk, we have some output.

Well, it worked in 2D. What can I say :)

I'm using a very wide test nozzle here, laying down an enormous 1.5mm worm of CAPA using the PTFE-bodied extruder. It is flattening it into the aluminium plate substrate, as you can see above. The triangle was achieved by running the X axis, then the Y, then both together. Deposition was at a variable 120C-130C measured with a thermocouple. The filament is hand-rolled CAPA 3mm rod, extruded at the maximum speed my machine is capable of.

The hypotenuse measures 38.4mm, each other side 28.1mm and the layer is 0.3mm thick. The track is 1.8-1.9mm wide, except where I fluffed the corners. At the farthest corner where the tracks overlap, they are well fused and will not separate. This bodes well for the next step - stacking the beggars. Roll on the weekend!

Vik :v)

Damn! Can we put this on as the front page for the website Adrian? :-D

Congratulations, Vik!
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