Friday, May 12, 2006


And here by popular request, boys and girls...

is your involute gear profile routine...

I had forgotten how finicky a business it is to create a rectangular to cylindrical coordinates conversion routine that uses the arctangent function that's good for all four quadrants of a 360 degree range. That took an interminable amount of time... all special cases. :-s

I didn't add fillets and roundings, mostly because for the size teeth we've been talking about, viz, 3 mm or so, I doubt that our repraps will even see that sized detail. I also used straight lines for the base between teeth and the tooth crowns for the same reason. If this proves to be a problem I'll expand the code. I'd rather not get caught up in guilding lilly exercises just now. I just want to make a drive train.

It's always fun to push design methods to extremes. This one from the University of LuleƄ that I've pirated for our purposes to design involute profile gears gives some really neat results at extremes as you can see with this 5 toothed gear. If we were really going to make gears at the extremes then fillets and rounds would be much more likely to be required. As it is, though... :-)

There's a contract final report to write up and turn in in the morning along with an invoice so I won't be getting back to this till tomorrow afternoon or evening. I'll be trying to sort out the design process so that we can make gears that mesh properly with less effort than is presently the case. If that works I'll clean up the code logic and try to translate this into Java this weekend. I've got Vik's excellently written cog script as a starting point, so I'm not expecting a lot of problem with that. Wish me luck, though, after all I didn't think that doing a simple cylindrical to rectangular coordinates conversion was going to be such a big deal beforehand, either. :-(

That'll take a lot of rattling out of the current gearing. Good one, Forrest!

Vik :v)
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