Sunday, April 02, 2006


Slave board built

This is what the stripboard bipolar controller slave board currently looks like. The larger of the two boards is the master controller. Each board drives one motor, and these can be chained together as needed for the number of motors required. This is used in cases where multiple motors must be driven for the same axis in exact synchronisation.

Also note the stacked/piggybacked 754410's on the master (click for close-up image). The slave doesn't have the extra 754410 yet because I've run out. I still have to add heatsinks to both too.

More details on the wiki

It'd be nicer, I think, to have the network in/out links stack this way, and have the slave motor controllers on cables. That'd mean you could put each motor controller near the motor it controls, which seems like a win.
Looks great Simon! :-)
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