Sunday, April 16, 2006


RepRap Control Software

Simon and I are obviously thinking along the same lines, even though 12,000 km of molten rock and iron separate us...

I've just finished the first version of the RepRap front end that allows one to load and arrange STL files into the machine preparatory to building them. Here's a screenshot:

There are more details on the RepRap wiki here. The driver backend is being written, so when you ask the program to build the objects you've loaded it just gives an optimistic message at the moment. But I'd welcome comments on the look-and-feel.

Obviously Simon and I need to integrate his stuff described immediately below and this.

This is great! It's beginning to look like there won't be such a hiatus after I manage to sort out some of the technical details on Godzilla waiting for the control software to catch up. :-)

I've been worrying a bit about that lately.
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