Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Godzilla y-axis tower moves...

A little while ago I took a break from training neural networks to fiddle with Godzilla. I seem to be having a good day in creating ad hoc ways to make things work. A scrap of poplar wood, a C-clamp and a piece of duct tape made a workable drive nut housing for the y-axis (vertical) tower being postioned by the z-axis.

At a controller set point of 240 the tower moves very smoothly at 0.6 mm/sec with the single 754410 controller board that Simon designed. It needs to be moving 7 times faster than that for the Mk II Extruder, but never mind for now... as Galileo said, "But it does move!" :-D

The z-axis in Godzilla has far and away the highest torque requirement in the design so it looks like the NEMA 17's are going to be adequate for running Godzilla. That's a major relief!

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