Monday, March 13, 2006


UDN2559 Stripboard design, take 2

The UDN2559-based stripboard stepper driver is taking shape. The first one works, and the stripboard diagram is being used to construct another one to prove that I can get that bit right. If people want to critique, feel free. Note that the 5V and GND wires are in the new configuration on this model. The circuit is on

Circuit source (gschem) and layout source (SVG) available on request.

Vik :v)

If I'm reading the chip specs at Allegro correctly, the udn2559 will actually work just fine at well above +/- 12 volts. Are there any unobvious problems in store for those of us with "a need for speed" who'd like to run their steppers at 30 volts?
You'll get a lot more back-EMF. It is possible that additional precautions might be necessary to prevent stray signals and so forth reaching the PIC or interfering with communications. On the plus side, the UDN2559 does look on the face of it to be pretty resilient, and comes with built-in diodes etc. Maybe some small capacitors might be necessary, I'm not sure.

Sorry I can't be more specific, it's not really my area. I prefer the "suck it and see" approach. Much more exciting :)

Vik :v)
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