Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Ridiculous... :-/

I feel like such a retard. I got the cookie sheet out and repeated the experiment. I got 450 mm of very nearly 3 mm filament laid out straight and turned 90 degrees to make the corner in the cookie sheet. Did that in about 5 seconds. Recharged the piston and did it again ten seconds later.

The filament is beautiful. The dirty barrel nastiness cleared out in the first 5 cm of filament and the rest was pretty clean. There was a bit of blistering on the surface of the filament, but nothing that would affect its usefullness. I extruded at about 95-100 degrees Celsius.

This method could turn CAPA into filament at roughly a kilogram per hour. That's just shy of a half-kilometer of filament every hour. We don't need nearly that sort of capacity to make a go of this.

I wonder if I can do this with CAPA granules. They're a dollar/kg cheaper than powder and a lot less messy.

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