Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Joints that don't break...

Well, my first attempt at making a joint between the electric drill and the auger bit that wouldn't break... didn't. It slipped wonderfully, though, the moment I started pumping polymer with it. :-(

I drove across town to Seaside to a large art supply shop to see if I could acquire some marble dust to use as filler. When I got there I discovered that both that shop and the much smaller art supply shop about less than two km from my flat are both owned by the same person. The smaller shop hard by my flat had the marble dust, of course. :-p

Tried a big blob of CAPA?

Vik :v)
Naah, haven't got CAPA to waste given the amount of testing I've got to do with the filament extruder. :-(

The mistake I made was to use some split PTFE pipes I had laying around for the "grippers" and to try securing them around the shank end of the auger and the extender to the electric drill with a couple of screw grippers that you use to secure hosepipe to pipes. The friction coefficient for PTFE is, of course, negligible... so... slipping and sliding occurred. I'll head back down to the shops tomorrow and find something more suitable.
***Often as a power coupling I have seen a short piece of nylon reinforced rubber tubing with hose clamps on each shaft you are coupling.***

That really does seem like the most sensible way to go. I'll pick up a piece of tubing in the morning. :-)
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