Thursday, February 16, 2006


Video of concrete extruder in operation

Last Moday I did a presentation to the Auckland Linux Users Group, and they have been kind enough to make a video of the presentation available (all 117M of it). Right at the end there is a video of the concrete extruder squirting Polymorph:

I can also report that a new batch of FDM'd parts has arrived, and the linear axis no longer contains Meccano components. I've tested all but the vertical axis, which now has new clamps and so forth on it.

More to follow once I get my PC up and running properly.

Vik :v)

I'll post still shots of the thing in action when I get my PC running properly.

Vik :v)
Ouch. I'm on broadband and getting a 21hr download time.

Took me 20+ hours to download the video, so I'm going to throw it up on if that's okay, it'll be up there in a couple of hours. Very very good video. I've been a keen observer of the RepRap Project for some time now, and I must say, this is some supremely amazing stuff you guys are working on. Revolutionary. It'll change the world.
Should be live in a couple of minutes:
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