Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Pumping CAPA 6800 meal...

I ran the CAPA 6800 meal through the 6.35 mm polymer screw pump. Both the wood and the metal drill bits pumped the meal successfully. Interestingly, the metal bit had a smoother pumping action than the wood. That was probably because it has a closer fit with the pump barrel than the wood auger bit does.

I was able to rotate both wood and metal auger bits with my fingers, which means that the 200:1 gear motor that runs Mk II will run the pump. Whether it will develop the 40 atm head pressure required is another matter. Still, it's a positive sign. :-D

This may sound stupid, but I can't seem to find CAPA 6800 pellets online. Where did you obtain yours? (so that I and others may follow)
CAPA is produced and sold by Solvay (http://www.solvay.com) internationally. I got mine from their American agent in Houston.

I suspect that buying powder or flake CAPA resin would be a better idea but we're not sure of that yet. You'd probably be well-advised to put off buying for a few days till we have a better idea here. :-)
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