Saturday, February 11, 2006


PTFE-free extruder well plastered - and extruding

I've now wrapped the BBQ painted extruder heater barrel with nichrome, baked it with our roast to cure the paint, and wrapped it in a Plaster of Paris and fibreglass jacket. Tonight I might get to warm it up.

The concrete insulator is still getting greyer and lighter, which bodes well for its insulating properties.

It is undoubtedly harder to manufacture than the PTFE rod version, but uses only readily available materials.

+++ STOP PRESS +++

At the NZLUG meeting last night we hooked up the concrete extruder, set it to 150C and extruded Polymorph with it. It works!

Vik :v)

Congratulations! :-D
You *do* realize we're all waiting for pictures, right? Let's have 'em!
Nice one!
Yeah, yeah, pictures coming later. Monday night I had to do a presentation on RepRap, last night my PC decided to crash & burn - I think something is overheating. I've added more fans this morning and will do some picture uploads tonight, together with all the stuff I was going to do last night... and it's my turn to clean the kitchen this week too!

Vik :v)
That would involve chipping all that concrete out of the oven, I presume...
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