Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Godzilla is done for now...

I got to a stopping point after a 3 hour push this morning and another 3 hour push late this afternoon.

I was getting a bit punchy so I ran the movie Dogma for distraction for the last two hours of work. It suited my mood. Before that I had uninstalled Photoshop thinking it was Acrobat. Acrobat has been giving me fits for some reason.

The X-axis stage is a bit fiddly. I wanted to keep it relatively narrow and centered on the Y-axis threaded rods(the y-axis threaded rods are also centred on the z-axis threaded rods). I've tried to reduce the eccentricity of loading to the bare minimum. When I do that I use less materials trying to brace against eccentric loads. As a result it is a bit hard to work with.

You can see a mockup of the stage on which I will be able to mount the Mk 2 extruder in the centre of the x-axis.

The usuable working volume is measured now at 700x700x350 mm.

Now to build that PIC programmer board. :-)

This is beginning to look pretty awsome, Forrest. (Which is appropriate given the name you've chosen...)
Woah that's cool!!! Nice one!
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