Tuesday, February 07, 2006


First concrete test cylinder

After 48hrs, the vermiculite/perlite/concrete cylinder had cured to the point where it could be handled and worked. It shed a lot of sand, but the overall integrity was good. It is mechanically not dissimilar to pummice, and a firm rub can easily dislodge surface material.

The concrete had a great many voids in it, and some of this may need removing. Perhaps a sander or similar vibration system could settle the concrete more thoroughly?

The screw embedded in the concrete comfortably supports a 12N load. A firm, steady pull just using fingers failed to dislodge the screw.

The central 3mm hole had rough sides, but was well-formed with little debris.

A 52mm I/D test article strengthened with fine zinc-plated steel wire awaits concrete pouring. I've fitted the heater barrel into the bottom of the mould by mounting it on a tin lid and taping it to the end. I need to make a couple of M3 anchors for it and we're ready to roll.

Right now it's dark and I'm tired. G'night.

Vik :v)

Great piece of work, Vik! :-)
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