Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Weekend Design Charrette

I spent the weekend using AoI to explore the volumetric aspects of using existing design approaches to create a Cartesian reprap machine. The chief difference between the machine designed and existing efforts is that the extruder rather than the working surface is moved along the vertical axis.

A 12 mm plate of tempered float glass is used for the working surface. The machine's footprint is roughly 90x90x60 cm. The working volume for the design is about 70x70x36 cm.

Any pictures of the extruder frame yet? I'd like to have something to include in the presentation - I don't think I'm allowed to freely distribute the Gingery plans or am I?

Vik :v)
No, I doubt that the Gingery people would approve. When do you need the pics by? I'm going to try to get some hours in this week and maybe a few on the weekend. I've also got to do some taxes on Saturday, however, a task that sort of saps my creative juices. :-(
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Not yet, Ed. It would certainly be a fun design exercise though. Have you had a chance to flesh out that docking system for extruders yet?
Vik, it just hit me that I'm being silly about the Gingery plans. It would seem to me that a publication of the general sense of their extruder design would actually encourage sales of their detailed design book and would work as advertising for them and a hook into their other publications. Let me call them and float the idea.

Can you give me an idea of what you'd like to show in your presentation?
Wow, she's a babe...!

I was going to mention lateral support to the head, but just read the email and you're way ahead of me ;)
Have you had a chance to flesh out that docking system for extruders yet?

It's definitely on the cards, but I'm still playing with string at the moment. And that could take a while.
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