Thursday, January 05, 2006


Threaded Rod Object done...

Okay, the routine that creates threaded rods in Wavefront Object format for AoI is pretty much done. I've got it creating a bound solid that works with AoI's boolean feature, though what comes out of the boolean operations can be a bit wierd at times. I'm not sure whether this sort of object is simply too complex for AoI's boolean operator routine or if the routine requires something like a right hand rule for outward facing polygons. I may have some problems with the polygon loop descriptions and got a few of them backwards.

Now I've got to throw in some parameters to dictate the pitch and depth of the threads. You can already control the number of turns of the thread and the resolution of the object.

Anybody who needs one or more of these Wavefront Objects for presentation work in AoI let me know your requirements and I will try to grind them out for you. After I get those extra parameters put in I will be going on to create an auger object for my version 2.0 filament extruder design project.

Doesn't wavefront format include facet normals? I thought I remembered it doing that...

Also, found out that BRL-CAD uses TCL scripts as it's human-readable file format. Much with the shininess.
Now if I can just get it to install...
Er, how is this different to using the "twist" option in the AoI extrusion tool?

Try the following - it can probably be scripted in AoI but I must admit to not knowing the right spell (assistance greatfully accepted):

Draw an approximated hexagon 1.5 units in diameter in the "Top" window using Shift to keep it regular. Offset it from the centre of the window by about a quarter of a unit.

Go to Tools/Extrude and set the following options:

Extrude direction: Y
Number of segments: 100
Distance: 5
Twist: 3000

This should give a screw thread object.

Vik :v)
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