Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Steppers for Africa!

I took delivery on the steppers in one day. I wasn't expecting them till maybe Friday so it came as quite a shock to me when the UPS man pitched up a few minutes ago.

I'll be transhipping part of the order to Vik and Simon as soon as I get the address for Vik's US maildrop.

Here is a closeup with a rule so that you can get the scale of them. They're NEMA 17's and can be found on Lin Engineering's web catalog at...


They're 4118S's and weigh in at 0.4 lbs (182 g) each. They draw 2.5 amps at 24 volts and put out 45 oz-in's (3240 g-cm). For Simon, they've got four leads. I hope they do the job.


those look so sweet!

i cant wait to see how you guys put them to use.

can i be the first reprap fanboy?

They are certainly pretty and very nice to handle and look at. I think, however, that steppers are going to be nothing more than a stage on the journey. The DC gear motor plus encoder scheme that Adrian just built and blogged is where things are going to go, I suspect. You can reprap 98% of one and the motor itself costs about a dollar. They'll also consume hardly any electricity at all compared to what you need to keep a stepper going.
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