Friday, January 20, 2006


Axis controller & extruder prototype boards

Here's the axis controller I've built mostly following Simon's plan. It uses a ULN2803 octal driver and is currently only wired to drive one motor. It can drive two. I've uses microswitches for the limit sensors, and so only need pull-downs on the inputs. The 5V supply has a large heatsink because I might need to drive other things off it while at LCA2006 (the LED is for user confidence only).

There are no comms on it yet, but it has manual controls for stepping backwards/forwards. The red dot on the PIC indicates that I've blown up the serial interface on this chip. The whole thing cost about NZ$20 to build using stock parts from Dick Smith Electronics - our local hobbyist electronics store.

The extruder controller below was also assembled from DSE parts at a similar cost. It differs from Adrian's design in that it used TIP31 transistors to control the motor and heating element. The one strapped to the sheet of aluminium controls the heater.

I've put the MAX233 RS232 converter on this board too, but it can be hacked off once development is complete. As you can see, both boards are relatively simple. What you can't see is that no tracks need to be cut for construction.

Vik :v)

Looking good! :-)
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