Thursday, December 29, 2005


Welding Rig Arrives!

My cheap Chinese 120 amp welding rig arrived today. The mask was the worse for wear so I acquired a new one locally along with 2 mm welding rods so that I can get a decent duty cycle out of the dinky thing and leather gauntlets. I plan on doing some practice welds tomorrow before working on the extruder frame. Wish me luck.

Best of luck!

I really rate those LCD/Solar welding masks. It removes the "welding by braille" session when striking an arc.

Vik :v)
Be sure to let us know how it works out; I've been thinking of picking up one of those cheap rigs myself. Steel pop rivets aren't *always* the solution. LOL
Those are nice, but cost more than the rest of my welding equipment put together.

Just made my first tries at striking an arc using the scratch method. Darned rod keeps sticking. Back to reading the manual and searching the internet for information.
BTW, if you're really into DIY here is how to make your own rig at the website of another Gingery Publications fanatic. :-)
Oops... here's the link.
If it's sticking, make sure you've got fresh rods and tweak the power up a bit.

Vik :v)
The rods look good. I'll crank up the amps. Thanks!

Do you know this MIG Welder? I need one, but i dont know. Can you say me if that is a good MIG Welder?

I wanna buy it, in a few days, but i dont know which. Could recommend one of Everlast?

Or maybe another brand? which?
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