Thursday, December 15, 2005


Screw-driven axis under construction

Here's a shot showing the bearing assembly under construction. The large rectangular part is the rail clamp for the screw-driven linear axis:

I got this rotating smoothly last night, but I've had an idea on how to simplify it further so no complete photos yet.

Also in the image are the spiders and gears. They're only held in place with bolts at the moment so I could check the spacing on the gears. It looks good.

The rail clamp itself is probably best split into 2 parts to simplify construction, the bolt holes need shaping so they are RepRap friendly, and the clamp surfaces could probably be about 0.2mm further appart. Other than that (and the hole I poked in my finger with a chisel) I'm very happy with the results so far. Next, I eagerly await the carriage component. Once we find out how much loading this can take in the real world, we'll have an idea on how large a mechanism we can fit on top of the vertical axis.

Oh, Austria Microsystems supplied 4096-step magnetic rotation sensor samples, including a prototyping board. These folks really know how to provide sample kits - I'm very impressed. If anyone wants to work in interfacing these to a PIC, do speak up:

Vik :v)

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