Friday, December 16, 2005


Screw-driven axis self-callibrates

Here is the fabricated screw-driven axis, with the old Meccano carriage sitting on it. I've put the spider on top of the carriage so you can see roughly where things are going to sit:

The limit switch is not fitted in this photo - I need to drill a couple of small holes when I figure out exactly where they need to be - but when it is taped in place the carriage self-callibrates and returns to its default position.

The axis itself has 23 components, including every nut, bolt and washer.

Vik :v)

Looking good!
Thanks guys. Next trick is to make the vertical axis move on demand, then when the carriage rolls off Adrian's miraculous production line I'll be able to put them both together.

Right now I've discovered I'm out of M4 studding, M5 nuts and M5 washers, so a trip to the hardware store is in order.

It is already apparent that M4 studding is indeed needed for bracing the vertical axis. I'd already designed the holes in, so no worries there.

Vik :v)
Say Vik! I'm looking at your pic an with the ruler in. I'm seeing that your lateral play is about 40-50 cm. Is that right?

How wide do you think that design could be made before the offset stepper would cause troubles?? It looks like it's about 10-12 cm presently.
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