Sunday, November 27, 2005


MK II Extruder, take 2

I've put a picture of the state of my MkII extruder construction in my personal page on the RepRap blog if anyone is interested:

Vik :v)

Cool! So Adriaan is making some of your parts for you? I've been trying to shape my designs in a way that will let me cut them out of HDPE sheet. They sell kitchen cutting boards here that are a handy source of thick HDPE. I could go to a plastics warehouse over in Salinas, I suppose, but that means a 60 km round-trip drive or I could buy it over the web. It's handy just to be able to stroll over to the hardware store three blocks away, though. :-D
Yup, Adrian makes the bits - I'm part of the official project team and it's slightly cheaper than having my own Stratasys in NZ :) It's really quite an experience, working on a project from different sides of the globe. I've learned a lot from it and consider it a valuable experience.

Vik :v)
Global teams are the way to get things done all right. In my consulting business I work with guys in both Finland and Bulgaria. The internet and courier services have certainly made it possible for expertise to be collected and focussed on a problem without the necessity of physical proximity.
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