Saturday, September 10, 2005


Head Design Released

I have (finally...) completed the design of Version 1 of the RepRap Polymorph extruder head. Here's a picture:

The large grid squares on the image are 10 mm across.

A 12v geared electric motor (A) drives a 3 mm diameter rod of the polymer to be extruded (B) by means of a stack of pinch-wheels (C) into a heated nozzle (D). The heated nozzle has a small hole in the bottom end out of which a stream of molten polymer emerges. The electronics for controlling the heater and the motor can be partly seen at (E). Polymorph has a low melting point of 62 oC, but the heater is capable of being controlled to temperatures up to 200 oC. At around 170 oC the Polymorph becomes inviscid enough to extrude easily.

For complete details of the extruder, including downloads of all its design files, see Item 11 in the Reports, results, and documentation page of the RepRap Website, or follow this direct link.

Thanks! (And it works...)
It looks damned good for a first cut. I love the recipe for making the rods to feed it. :-)
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