Friday, July 22, 2005


Quick fixupses 'r' us

The Polymorph saddles no longer leap off the rails of the Meccano prototype - we've cast a 270g lead counterweight and slung it underneath to stop the toppling on sudden stops. Future versions will be balanced more carefully.

Also, our 5V 1A power supply is stable with the larger heatsink and the motors take 0.4A peak (0.15A continuous) each so there is no need to upgrade. This is great, as we're planning to switch to 12V motors eventually and don't want to be burdened with unnecessary work.

I've made a little aluminium block with an 8mm hole through the middle that is handy for joining EVA glue sticks. Melt ends of glue sticks, push and one stick into each end of the hole. Peel off the excess and with great strength haul the block off when cold. Nice, smooth join - should work with 3mm Polymorph rod too.

What else? I've gone off phone lead connectors - too fiddly and too unreliable. So I've chopped the plugs off and used terminal strip. Much better.

This weekend is dedicated to family life, but I expect to work on a version of the turntable that is moved by a cam next week. Real, 3D shapes coming soon...

Vik :v)

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