Sunday, July 10, 2005


Going All Curly

We've got the new chassis fully assembled, and we've run off a few unsatisfactory attempts at cylinders. Some fine tuning is required to match the flow rate and rotation rate. We've got a built-in CPU fan to cool the workpiece instead of the ruddy great standing fan used previously.

I think we might be able to build LM7805-based 12V/5V power converters on screw terminal strip, so keeping hot stuff away from potential Polymorph components.

The new frame needs some decent power - for the fan as well as the motors - and signal cabling put in. We've taken to using curly replacement phone handset leads for my signal wires. 4 cores, readily obtainable and easy to stretch around the place. Cheapskates can run up non-curly versions or use the spare ones that come with modems :)

One problem is a decent source of RJ11 sockets. Fortunately a mate discovered a cache of RJ11 female-female adapters, which can be broken in half to provide 2 RJ11 socket. This saved some old phones and blown modems from dissection for the cause.

For power connectors we're just using aforementioned screw terminal strip at the moment. Cheap car lighter extension leads look useful; again they come in curls, have a built-in 5A fuse, ample extra cable for scavenging, and will make plugging the RepRap into a car really easy for use on holiday! I'll grab one next payday.

Vik :v)

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