Sunday, July 10, 2005


The "Afghan Lathe" technique - Updated

I've finally documented the "Afghan Lathe" technique for using an electric drill to lathe and centre-drill. This makes the construction of Adrian's nozzles and various other components possible with common power tools.

This revision is less than half the size of the previous one to download, and contains Adrian's instructions on winding a heater element around the freshly-turned brass bolt.

The second draft is here (446K download) and comments are welcome:

190 People downloaded the first draft. Nice to see they felt no need to comment :)

Seriously though, if anyone does want to improve the document, contact me for the source.

Vik :v)

Hi Vik!
Nice project hack. Must really appreciate your effort and your generosity for sharing with others.

Good luck and Best wishes!!
Nice work.
I recently tried this with a black and decker workmate and a small portable vice (£4.50 from the local market).
Worked really well!
Im trying to find a source for this Drill clamp in the US. This is all I have found. It does not look very sturdy. Has anyone thought about selling them on ebay or amazon?
The link died, against web rot:*/ actually mirrors it. But maybe it should be mirrored somewhere here too?
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