Thursday, June 23, 2005


Video Of Polymorph Saddles

Robert at Webtec has kindly hosted the video of the Polymorph saddles being stress-tested. The videos are identical, but are spread around to balance the load (it's a 620K MPEG):




In this video the saddles where the carriage contacts the rails, the brackets holding the rails down, and the attachment point for the belt drive to the carriage are all made from Polymorph and are held in place only by physical fit and bolts threaded directly into the Polymorph.

The recoil visible is not caused by the carriage slamming into the end of the rails, but by the motor rapidly reversing as the carriage lines up with the vertical bars.

I left this going for a couple of minutes, and nothing warmed up or fell off. It won't be going this fast in the final thing, and a sturdy frame is under construction by Keith.

Vik :v)

We've got the mechanism bolted firmly down to a base made from heavy ply, and 2"x4" on slip-resistant leveling feet now. I'll be adding aluminium angle to the mix as well over the next few days.

We actually achieved uncontrolled 3-axis movement last night. I've got a curly shaver lead to take power to the turntable, and learned a bit about making H-bridge driver circuits. So hopefully it won't be too long before we can do a similar video with software-based thrashing and a turntable!
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