Sunday, May 29, 2005


Turntable Scanner

I thought I'd better document an idea that I saw in O'Reily's "Make" blog while looking at postings about RepRap - I'm unable to find the original link. The concept was to use a rotating turntable and a moving laser pointer in conjunction with a video camera and some clever software to scan in and digitise an object.

Well, the Meccano turntable would both rotate and lower the object simultaneously so a static laser pointer could be used. As the method was already proved, it would appear that RepRap + laser pointer + video camera = 3D scanner.

Unfortunately I'm a bit busy making the fabricating side of things, but if anyone wishes to make a turntable-based scanner do let me know how you get on!

Vik :v)

Is this the one? DIY 3-D Scanner
No, not that one. This moved a laser pointer dot rather than spreading the laser into a line.

But whatever works is good!

Vik :v)
For Vik's clever software see
Roberto Cipolla's work at Cambridge:

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