Sunday, May 15, 2005


Prototype axis

Looking good, Ed. What's the distance between the bearing rails?

Vik :v)
I noticed that the two brackets are the same part. Is that a convenience for the purposes of the drawing or is it part of a larger strategy to reduce the number of different part models in the device?

By the way, what is the device (i.e. the ultimate end product of your project) called? I know it's described as a von Neumann Universal Constructor using rapid prototyping but what do you call it when you're discussing it? A couple of people I know have started referring to it as a replicator but that sounds a bit Trekkie for my tastes.
A RepRap, gennerally I think. But my kids think of it as the 'MC' or Matter Compiler after a more sophisticated networked verion in 'The Diamond Age'.

Having commonality of parts is useful, if it reduces the total amount of detail that you have to do work on. But plastic is not yet cheap to squirt, nor fast, and economy of manufacture is still a strong influence on design.

Vik :v)
Good point. The print time is probably more important than the design time, especially for parts that will be printed in large quantities.
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