Wednesday, May 18, 2005


PIC Sofware Development Kits

For those using various varieties of PICs, this page is most useful for getting one up and running to build user-confidence. How to blink a light on umpteen different PICs:

I have successfully used the ic-prog Windows software under the WINE Linux environment with a JDM-style "Silicon Chip 2003" PIC Programmer:

It was unhappy and believed the copy protect bit to be set until I turned the I/O Wait up to 17 in the hardware settings and picked "Windows API" to control the serial port. Now I can reliably program 16F628A's using hex files of my own creation that were compiled with sdcc.

[Sigh of relief]

Vik :v)

I've used pp06, which
supports 6 different hardware programmers, including Myke Predko's El Cheapo programmer. Seems to have the usual Microchip devices defined. It's open source, so it's possible to add new devices. I've used it under Windows. Says it does DOS and Linux as well.
I've ammended the blog, as you might have noticed. It's now all working nicely with ic-prog and a direct hardware serial port. A local (NZ) developer is talking to me about developing a true serial PIC programmer.
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