Friday, June 10, 2005


Metallic glass

This could be useful: an amorphous (i.e. non-crystaline) metal alloy with a glass transition temperature of only 68 C. It was developed by Wei Hua Wang of the Institute of Physics in Beijing. See here for details.

Interesting - conductive, relatively stable and resistant to oxidation.

The results are also available here as a free PDF, no registration required:

Vik :v)
There were a good article about amorphous metals in New Scientist a
while back. See
Metallic glass: a drop of the hard stuff

Some of alloy in the article has low melting point and is 3 times
stronger than steal. So this alloy can be used for some interesting

Well after reading about the icing sugar experiment I have been
thinking about what other kitchen product that is use able in the
reprap project.

Your can probably use a powder reprap to make molds out of kitchen salt
(NaCl) witch have a melting point of 801 C.

After your have put liquid metal in the molds and let them cold down,
your can dissolve the molds in a simple water bath or in the

But your will need a water dissolve able glue. To hold the salt
together in a mold.

Since many ionic compounds have a high melting point and is
dissolve able in water. They can be used in this way.

After a little of googling I also find that (Magnesium oxide) MaO is a
ionic compound and have a melting point of 2800 C. This is higher then
most metals. So we will be able to make molds for many kinds of

So the question is, is it possible to make a glue that is use able and
dissolves in water?
Solid sugar?

Vik :v)
Vik - I think the link should be:


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