Thursday, June 23, 2005


I2C And RS232 Code for PICs Under SDCC

This page as a useful disccussion on making RS232 and I2C interfaces work under the SDCC compiler on the PIC. Some of this will no doubt be useful to us:

Vik :v)

Have a look at the following links about the project of Hod Lipson.
He plans, too, to create a self producing machine.

At first he begun with a simple self-producing roboter, which works:
Look at a videohere and a pdf-file at here

And now he plan to create a machine, which can create everithing, including itself.

Here an article of a german side (you can use babelfish or something else to translate it).

And here the old article about the simple roboter on the same side.

And at last, here the homepage of Hod Lipson, the man behind the roboters. On his side, are also some nice articles.
I would describe Hod Lipson's machine more as 'self assembling' than 'reproducing'. It's clever though.
Well, it seems that Reprap is getting the reproduction down nicely, but I haven't seen much in the way of self-assembly here. Combine the two projects.....
Currently we're using humans for the assembly process. They're quite flexible, fully programmable, and can be mass-produced by unskilled labour :)

Vik :v)
j85wilson: I don't really understand how one could combine the two projects. The Lipson robots self-assemble from identical (but sophisticated) cuboid parts - each containing a bunch of motors, electrical contacts and magnetic clamping gizmos. Reprap won't be able to produce those without considerable human intervention.
Lipson is also into FDM assembly. See this link:

Vik :v)
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