Monday, January 07, 2008


Reprap Host 0.8.3 Released

It has taken while, but here it is...

I've "packaged" (as .zip files) the Reprap host code tonight and tested it on:

(1) Ubuntu 7.04 (NullCartesian as PC has no serial port and I lack a USB->Serial widget),
(2) Ubuntu 7.10, and
(3) Windows XP

The last two were both tested with real Reprap electronics, as far as the Stepper Exerciser being able to talk to each of my X Y and Z axis boards appropriately.

The file most people will want is, available at

If I'm not too distracted by other things, I'd like to get a first public set of .deb packages, and a first public Windows NSIS-based .exe installer released by the end of the month (January 2008). This is a goal, not a promise :-)


(1) The big change as far as packaging goes in 0.8.3 is that it allows for the RXTX and Java3D and libraries to be in a static place that is unaffected by JAVA_HOME, and so remains independent of which Java version you are running. This has been tested on both Linux and Windows, and is a large part of what has allowed progress on "real" installation packages to occur. If you already have the libraries installed under $JAVA_HOME/lib/ext, that's OK, we'll still find and use them from there.

(2) The file has changed a fair bit since 0.8.1, so if you want to easily see all the new properties, consider renaming your old file and then running the Reprap software -- it will generate you a new one with all the new things in it. But then you'll have to edit all your customizations back into the new one!

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